Aerial Dance

Taking Dance to a New Level!

aerialSole City Dance offers aerial dance classes!

We are improving the aerial program slightly this year to accommodate all our aerial students in a safe environment. We are limiting all aerial classes to 6 students, and they will alternate between ground and air training each week. This is to accommodate the current guidelines that suggest any equipment that cannot be quickly disinfected, i.e., silks, not be shared among students. Each class, 3 students will be assigned a piece of equipment that will be theirs for the duration of the class, while the remaining 3 students will go through the ground workout. At the end of class, the instructor will change out the equipment for the next class.

We are very excited about this shift as it’s going to give the students more time in the air and allow us to focus on pre-hab strength and flexibility building that we may not usually have time for. We have been working with Serenity Forchion, the founder of the New England Center of Circus Arts, to create ground training work that will directly correlate to what they are working on in the air and find ways to adapt our aerial program safely.

Supplies needed for class: For the ground training, we will require all students to have their own set of 3 TheraBands of varying resistance. You can find them on Amazon, Walmart, or Target. Here is a link to an example of what they’ll need. We will not be sharing chalk. If you want to use chalk, you’ll need to bring your own to class each week. Chalk must be kept in a bag or sealable container. Here is a link to a refillable chalk ball

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Safety is our number one priority. To avoid injury, before aerial training, students should be able to:

  • Hang from a trapeze by hands for 30 seconds
  • Perform 8 knee raises while hanging
  • Hold a plank on the floor from toes for at least 30 seconds


Students must be covered to avoid fabric/rope burn. A full leotard (camisole is okay) and convertible tights rolled up to below the knee, capris or leggings. Full footed tights will need to be cut off in order for the student to participate. No loose clothing and no jewelry of any kind or long nails will be allowed for the safety of the dancer and the equipment. No socks, shoes or foot undies, and avoid lotion prior to class.


45 minute class/week – (there are no discounts for aerial classes)

Full Year:  $850

2 Payments (Sept & Jan):  $425

10 Payments (Monthly Sept-June):  $85

Adult 8-Week Sessions*: $180

*See the Adult Dance page for session dates




Single Student – 

  • 30 Minutes – $40
  • 45 Minutes – $50
  • 1 Hour – $65

Two Students – 

  • 1 Hour – $85
  • 1.5 Hours – $125

Three Students – 

  • 1 Hour – $100
  • 1.5 Hours – $145