Volunteers help Sole City Dance better serve the community by providing assistance with performances, fundraising and many other activities that make our programs successful.  Volunteers may become a member of an existing committee or may approach the board to start and head up a new committee.  The sky is the limit!

Assist with Performances:

Volunteers may assist with performances by doing such things as transporting props, scenery, flooring or costumes or supervising dancers.  Those with talent in photography or videography may help document the shows.  Others help with typing programs or selling tickets.

Help with Fundraising:

Volunteers who help with fundraising may sell advertisements for our programs, help plan our annual gala and auction or organize a fundraising program with the dancers.

Spread the Word:

Other volunteer opportunities include those that spread the word about SCD–distributing posters and informational materials throughout the community or finding outreach/performance opportunities for our ensembles.

If any of these tasks sound appealing or if you have a new idea, please call the SCD office at 603-750-7777 to find out how make it happen and make a difference!