Summer Class Schedule

*Depending on the ever-changing health recommendations by the state this schedule may be adjusted to virtual options and/or class times may change. Tuition payments are not due until one week before the start of class or camp.
2020 summer programs will run Monday, July 6 through Thursday, August 6

**Schedule has been updated. All classes are being run in-studio.

To register for summer classes click here. Find summer tuition rates here.
Not ready to return to an in-studio class? Click here for our Virtual Class Options.  Due to low enrollment, we will not be running summer Zoom classes.

Please note: Summer class leveling is slightly different from our regular year. Levels become combined to accommodate the condensed schedule. If you are new to a style, you should take a beginner class. If you have been studying in a style for at least a year, you may register for the intermediate class offering. After the first week of class, if the level is not correct for you, teachers may recommend moving to a more appropriate level. Young children ages 3-6 enroll by age. Students joining us from other programs may take placement classes the first week.