Summer 2020

2020 Summer Session: Monday, July 6 to Thursday, August  13

(six weeks with a five-week option–upon registration, you must tell us which week you will be absent).

Registration and schedule coming soon!

Why take summer dance classes??

We strongly encourage our dancers to take summer classes. There are many benefits in doing so! Summer dance classes are a great way to continue to improve your technique. Your body stays conditioned so when you return in September it’s not such a shock to your body, and you are starting ahead of the game. If you don’t use it, you lose it! We have all felt that way on the first day of fall classes or even a week off for vacation.

Summer classes are a great way to explore new styles and new instructors. It’s beneficial to learn how to work with different instructors and teaching styles. New instructors and styles may help you discover new approaches to your art. Check out the schedule and sign up for a summer class today!

Please note: Summer class levels for SCD students remain the same as the prior academic year EXCEPT for Level 1 students who have danced the full academic year.  Those students should move to Level 2 unless the instructor suggests staying in Level 1 to strengthen your basics. Young children ages 3-6 enroll by age. Students joining us from other programs may take placement classes the first week.