Student Dance Company Info

With the uncertainty of performance opportunities, we will be holding off on the SCD Dance Companies until the spring.

Sole City Dance’s Performance Companies Info

Sole City Dance Young Co. and Solstice Dance Company 2019-2020


Sole City Dance is pleased to offer two student dance companies, Solstice Dance Company and The Young Company which provides the opportunity for students who are passionate about the art of dance to:

  1. learn challenging choreography at a faster pace;
  2. participate in additional performance and learning opportunities;
  3. become more self-aware, self-confident and supportive of fellow artists; and
  4. learn how to make a difference in their community through the power of their art.

Philosophy & Information:

Solstice Dance Company and The Young Company are based on a professional dance company model. We will hold auditions and choose company members and apprentices. Dancers ages 7-11 will audition together and dancers ages 12+ will audition together. Once we have chosen the companies the choreographers will place dancers into pieces. All company members are expected to attend company class each week on Friday evenings. Depending on what pieces you have been cast in you may be able to leave early.

Unlike a professional company, if a dancer is placed in multiple pieces, they will have the opportunity to accept or decline a piece, but we advise you to think carefully when doing so. Because this is an educational setting, choreographers will be carefully placing dancers in pieces where they will be challenged to grow, whether that be technically, stylistically or expressively. We expect dancers to be open-minded and willing to try new things.

We would like to remind you that Sole City Dance is a non-competitive dance program.  We do not participate in the dance competition industry because we believe it stresses families financially and detracts from their understanding of dance as an art that can vary in infinite ways. SCD programs are instead designed to encourage the development of hard work, teamwork, creative thought and the appreciation of artistic endeavors of all kinds. We strive to create artistic experiences which will inspire, enlighten and empower both participants and audiences. We humbly ask that parents support this philosophy through modeling and discussion with their dancers.

Audition Process: Auditions for both companies will take place on Friday, September 13th. Solstice, dancers ages 12+, will audition 4:30-6:00 and The Young Company, dancers ages 7-11, will audition 6:30-7:30. A 15-minute parent and dancer orientation session will be held at 6:10 pm for both companies. There is a $15 audition fee. Please dress appropriately and bring all types of dance shoes.

Rehearsal Process:  Rehearsals will take place on Friday evenings during the scheduled company class time. Solstice will have company class from 4:30-5:30 and then the remainder of class time will be spent on choreography. If you are not in the piece being worked on that week you will be allowed to leave at 5:30. Due to choreographer’s schedules, you may have rehearsal on a different day but will be notified with ample time.

Performance Opportunities Include: Sole City Dance’s Dance Northeast Festival, performances & master classes, Dancers Making a Difference, Prescott Park Arts Festival, National Night Out, Apple Harvest Day, NH Youth Dance Festival, Plymouth State University Dance Premiere & masterclasses. (Please note: not all dances are invited to perform at every event.) As additional performances are announced you will have 3 days to inform the Company Coordinator if you have a conflict.

Audition Requirements:

  • Auditions are open to those enrolled in classes ages 7+.
  • Company members must take at least one technique class per week in order to audition. Student needs to be enrolled in a class that is identical to the dance or dances they will be performing. i.e. hip-hop choreography needs to be in a hip-hop class. We strongly recommend being enrolled in a ballet class as it will help you improve in all styles.
  • Company members must be available for the performance on Saturday, March 14th for Dance Northeast, Prescott Park* (summer 2020) and Apple Harvest (October 3 or 10th2020).

*If you are attending a summer intensive you will be excused from the Prescott Park performance. Once we have released the Prescott Park date you will have 3 days to inform us if you will be away and unable to perform.


  • There is a monthly tuition fee of $70. This covers the cost of the teacher, rehearsal space, performance costs, and costumes*. The hours will be added to adjust your discount, but the company tuition will not be discounted.
  • Dancers must take at least one master class at Dance Northeast. ($30 for one class).
  • Company jacket cost $30-$40**.

*Depending on how many pieces you are in there may be an additional costume fee.

**If you already have a company jacket you will not be required to purchase an additional


Attendance Policy: Three excused company class absences are allowed from September 2019 through June 2020. If you miss a rehearsal where choreography is being set, you may be removed from the piece. You must alert us to any known conflicts you may have two-weeks prior to the absence to help us plan rehearsals and pieces accordingly. If you are absent more than three times you risk being removed from the pieces you have been placed in at the discretion of the Company Coordinator. We will take into account emergency situations.

Once choreography is learned and additional shows are added to the schedule, you will have 3 days from the announcement of the additional performance to let us know if you are available. If you are unable to attend more than two of these performances, you may be removed from choreography at the discretion of the choreographer or director and replaced by your understudy.

Summer Requirements: We will be performing throughout the summer months if you are not attending a summer-long intensive, we require you attend 3 (total) classes during the summer to help with the quality of our summer performances. We will offer a special 3 class rate for company members.