Dress Code

Why Do We Have A Dress Code?
A dress code helps the instructors teach more effectively and efficiently. A uniform look allows the instructor to quickly and easily see the students’ movement and not be distracted by multiple colors or patterns. It allows the instructor to make accurate corrections which the student can also see and understand more clearly.

In addition, it is essential that your hair is pulled up properly–in a bun for ballet and away from the face for all other classes–so as not to distract you or the instructor. A cloth headband is great for short hair or bangs that are growing out. For students who forget, a hair elastic can be purchased at the front desk for 25 cents. Together these things contribute to getting the most out of class.

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Young Children’s Dance(Dance Explore or Dance Works Classes):

Girls – Pale pink leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, black tap shoes. A short attached skirt is okay, please no tutus or long skirts, as they can be distracting to the dancer and instructor.

Boys – White t-shirt, black sweatpants or shorts, white socks, white or black ballet slippers, black tap shoes.

       Mommy & Me (& Dads, too!) – Stretchy, comfortable clothes, bare feet.


Girls – Black leotard, tights (pink or skin tone), and ballet slippers (pink or skin tone). Long hair MUST be in a bun, if unable to put hair in a bun make sure it is pulled back and off the face. Short hair MUST be held off the face with a hairband. Fitted black shorts or short black skirt allowed. Form-fitting black dance sweaters or black long-sleeved shirts are allowed in cold weather for barre only. NO BAGGY or multi-colored clothing.

Boys – White t-shirt, black tights, white socks, white or black ballet slippers.


Girls – Black leotard, pink or black tights, fitted black shorts or capris allowed

Boys – Solid color t-shirt, black sweatpants or dance pants, black split-sole jazz shoes.

Shoes: Black split-sole jazz shoes. For Contemporary Jazz classes – shoes optional; barefoot, half-soles or foot undies OK; NO full socks allowed unless they are dance socks with special non-slip bottom)


Loose, stretchy clothing (no tight jeans or non-stretchy pants please) black low-heeled tap shoes.

Hip Hop:

Loose, stretchy clothing (no tight jeans or non-stretchy pants, please) and CLEAN sneakers you wear only in class (must be carried in, not worn in.) Sneakers should be mainly black in color they can have a white sole or logo.


Same as jazz but leotard and shorts/capris may be of any SOLID color. No shoes required.

Musical Theatre:  

Loose, comfortable clothing.

Boys’ Dance:

Same as Jazz (see above).


Girls: Any color leotard with footless tights, stretchy shorts or leggings. Bare feet. No shirts that will fall over student’s head when upside down.

Boys:  Stretchy, relatively form-fitting shorts or pants with a stretchy tight shirt. Bare feet. No shirts that will fall over student’s head when upside down.


Students must be fully covered to avoid fabric/rope burn. A full leotard (camisole is okay) and convertible tights rolled up to below the knee are recommended. Full footed tights will need to be cut off for the student to participate. No loose clothing and no jewelry of any kind will be allowed for the safety of the dancer and the equipment. No socks, shoes, or foot undies, and avoid lotion before class.

**Please note: Bare midriffs are not acceptable in any class.  Sports bras must be covered by a leotard (preferable) or a tight-fitting stretchy shirt of the appropriate color.**