My child’s birthday is a short time after the start of classes. May I place him or her into older age group?

We do not recommend doing this unless the child’s birthday is within 30 days of the start of classes.  Children will often thrive as an older child in the class, become a leader and feeling a sense of mastery and accomplishment, which will pay off in coming years.  A young child in a class my not find as much pleasure and may become stressed.  The choice to put a younger child in with the older age group may be dependent upon the child’s personality and natural ability.  Any class placement that may be arranged on a trial basis for a child whose birthday is beyond the 30 day cut-off is dependent upon faculty approval.

My child has been studying at another dance school. How do I know what level to enroll him/her in?

Students coming from another dance programs are asked to “audition” in one or more levels of classes at SCD.  We generally start with the lower level options and then move the child to the next level if more challenging material is needed.  It sometimes takes an instructor a number of classes before he/she will get a strong sense of a child’s ability.  Please be patient with the placement process and allow plenty of time for the best decision to be made.

What are your recital fees?

Please see the recital philosophy information.  Currently known fees are listed there.

Does Sole City Dance participate in dance competitions?

Sole City Dance is a non-competitive dance program.  We do not participate in the dance competition industry because we believe it stresses students financially and detracts from their understanding of dance as an art.  SCD ensemble programs are instead designed to encourage the development of hard work, team work, creative thought and the appreciation of artistic endeavors of all kinds.  We organize events which will inspire students through exposure to other dancers and choreographers, both student and professional, who have achieved high-level creative, technical and performance skills.