Class Descriptions

There are many factors that determine which age grouping and level is best for a child – personality, natural ability, and experience broadly describe some of them. Students thrive in widely differing situations. We encourage you to trust the instructor’s recommendation and allow your child’s skills to unfold at a natural pace.  To register for classes please click here.

Young Children’s Dance

Dance with Me! (18 months to 2 years):

A fun, 30-minute class with parents, grandparents or guardian, and children learning together about gross-motor movement skills and music! Props are used to further engage students in listening to and expressing the music. This class prepares students to follow directions and understand the elements of a dance class.

*In accordance with current health guidelines only one adult is allowed in the building during class.

Dance Explore 1 (for new 3 y.o. &  4 y.o.):

A fun, 45-minute class designed to teach elements of dance that are appropriate for this age. Each class consists of warm-up exercises to develop coordination and body awareness. Children learn basic traveling steps and practice moving as part of a group pattern. Tap dance is included to develop rhythm and counting. Time is also set aside for creative, movement games. (Children must be 3 by September 1st for First Semester Classes OR by February 1st for Second Semester Classes )

*In accordance with current health guidelines only one adult is allowed in the building during class.

Dance Explore 2 (for experienced 4 &  new 5 y.o.):

This class is designed to expand on the natural joy of movement and creativity of four and five-year-olds. After basic warm-ups, isolations, and stretches, students practice steps across the floor and in patterns. Special lessons and class themes are designed to build imagination and expressiveness in the students’ movement. Rhythm and music skills are taught through specific exercises and tap dance.

*In accordance with current health guidelines only one adult is allowed in the building during class.

Dance Works 1 or 1/2  (for experienced 5 & all 6 y.o.):

This class offers young students the opportunity to explore more than one dance form in a single class. Tap, ballet, and basic jazz are included. Class work consists of more complex and detailed movement than in previous classes, while still allowing time for fun, creative exercises.

*In accordance with current health guidelines only one adult is allowed in the building during class.

Dance Works 2  (for experienced 6 y.o.):

Further progressions in tap, ballet, and jazz for those who have completed a full year of Dance Works.

*In accordance with current health guidelines only one adult is allowed in the building during class.

Creative Contemporary (for 6-9 y.o.):

Is your child showing curiosity of creating their own dance choreography? This is the place for them! Students will explore, discover, create, and express themselves through movement in this class. The class will start with a technique based warm-up to set a strong foundation of dance steps and vocabulary. Dancers will be guided in Modern dance based improvisational techniques & games to learn about different elements of dance – exploring levels, speeds, pathways, shapes, musicality, design, emotions, story telling through movement…etc. All along the way this will be building a toolbox which the dancers will then use to help them learn how to compose their own choreography in class.

*In accordance with current health guidelines only one adult is allowed in the building during class.

Youth and Teen Classes

Level Information

Depending on such things as natural ability, learning style, focus and attendance, students move through the levels 1 (beginner) through 7 (advanced teens) at varying rates.  For all classes Level 2 and up, you must be recommended for that level by an SCD teacher.

Recommendations are sent to all current students within 1 week of the release of the upcoming season’s schedule.  If you are new to SCD, please contact us to discuss your level and arrange an evaluation. A student may remain in a level for up to 3 years and may advance only upon faculty recommendation.

Ballet* – ABT National Training Curriculum (ages 7 & up):

This centuries-old dance form, known for its grace and beauty, actually requires tremendous discipline, strength, and flexibility. Based on clearly defined positions of the body, training requires patience and repetition or many years to acquire the strength and refinement necessary to master this beautiful art form. SCD follows the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) National Training Curriculum.

The curriculum is a nine-level program (starting with pre-primary through professional) that combines high quality artistic training with a focus on dancer health and whole-child development. The program embraces sound ballet principles and incorporates elements of the French, Italian and Russian schools of training. Artistically, the ABT National Training Curriculum strives to provide dance students with a rich knowledge of classical ballet technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance. There is also an optional adjudication element that students may participate in to receive detailed feedback about their progress. More information can be found here.

*Placement class is required. See Events for placement class dates.


This class is geared towards students who would like to study en pointe in the future or who are looking for additional ballet strength work. Supplies needed for this class are a Tennis ball, yoga mat, and TheraBand. 

Pointe (by permission / audition):

Pointe work is an essential part of upper-level ballet training. Because of the demand for strength and alignment, pointe students must attend at least 2 ballet classes per week and all pointe classes offered each week at their level.

Jazz (ages 7 and up):

Jazz classes expose students to the many forms that make up this diverse genre of dance. Students will study classic jazz technique, musical theater, lyrical jazz, contemporary/modern jazz movement and hip-hop influenced styles. Jazz classes consist of warm-up, center work, and traveling progressions, which are all designed to increase flexibility, strength, and technique. Classes will also include learning pieces of choreography, developing performance skills, confidence, and expression.

Hip Hop (ages 7 & up):

Hip hop is a high energy street dance that evolved in urban areas across the country in over the past 30 years. Class includes a warm-up, development of hip-hop movement vocabulary and a combination. Offered for youths and teens, both the music selections and the choreography are tailored for the respective ages.

Tap (ages 7 & up):

The style of tap dance taught at SCD is jazz tap, also called rhythm tap. Classes teach technique aimed at achieving good, clear sounds, while encouraging individual expression through rhythm. Dancers learn about musical structure and develop improvisation skills.

Modern Dance (ages 7 & up):

Modern Dance developed as a contrast to classical ballet, focusing on highly expressive and creative movement incorporating ethnic dances from around the world. Modern dance at SCD explores a wide range of movement to a wide variety of musical styles. Classes include improvisational techniques and partnering.

Acro (ages 7 & up):

Our Acrobatic Arts Certified Instructor teaches dancers how to use their bodies upside down and through the air.  Skills taught will include rolls, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, and side aerials.

Aerial (ages 7 & up):

Please see the Aerial Dance page for more information

Adult Classes (18+)

Beginner Adult Ballet:

This class covers all the basics of ballet in a fun and encouraging environment. Perfect for those totally new to ballet or those who have taken a break and want to get back into it. Wear whatever you can move comfortably in. Ballet shoes are recommended but not required.

Intermediate Beginner Adult Tap:

Find your rhythm and individual style with a moderate paced tap class. Learn all the foundation steps of tap in our newest studio D. Tap shoes are required.

For Aerial Dance information, visit our Aerial Dance page.

For Ballroom Dance information, visit our Ballroom page.