Summer Class Tuition

Dance Class Tuition for 6 weeks*

*Dancers may sign up and pay for 5 weeks to accommodate a family vacation or event.  However, you MUST indicate the exact date of the absence before the start of classes on July 8th.

1.5 hour class: $120 ($100)
1.25 hour class: $115 (95)
1 hour class: $85 ($70)
45 minute class: $70 ($60)
30 minute class: $55 ($45)

Multi-class/family discount:  5% off second class, 10% off additional classes.  Please note:  the highest price class will be considered the first class, the next highest the second class, and so forth.

Aerial Dance Class Tuition for 6 weeks: $140 ($120 for 5 weeks if the date of absence given by July 9th)

For students new to SCD, there is a $10 registration fee for the summer session.

Your spot in a class will not be officially held until payment is received.  50% must be paid at registration and the remaining 50% at the first class.  When registering online, payment must be made with a credit or debit card.  If you would like to pay with cash or check, please mail in payment or stop by the studio.

Private Lessons are available depending upon studio and instructor availability for all styles. Click here for rates.

Summer Drop-in Rates:

Drop-in Rates for Dance Classes

1.5 hours: $23

1.25 hours: $20

1 hour: $17

45 minutes: $14

Aerial: $25