Summer Class Tuition

Dance Class Tuition for 6 weeks*

*Dancers may sign up and pay for 5 weeks in order to accommodate a family vacation or event.  However, you MUST indicate the exact date of the absence prior to the start of classes on July 11.

1.5 hour class: $115 ($96)
1.25 hour class: $100 (83)
1 hour class: $80 ($67)
45 minute class: $65 ($54)
30 minute class: $50 ($42)

Multi-class/family discount:  5% off second class, 10% off additional classes.  Please note:  the highest price class will be considered the first class, the next highest the second class, and so forth.

For students new to SCD, there is a $10 registration fee for summer session.

Your spot in a class will not be officially held until payment is received.  50% must be paid at registration and the remaining 50% at the first class.  When registering online, payment must be made with a credit or debit card.  If you would like to pay with cash or check, please contact us at 603-750-7777 or stop by the studio.

Aerial Dance Class Tuition for 6 weeks: $120 ($100 for weeks if date of absence given on first day of class.)

Summer Drop-in Classes:

Drop-ins allowed for Level 3 & up if class has regular enrollment of five or more students. Please confirm that class is running before dropping in. Experienced students only may drop-in for aerial dance, but must confirm prior to class that there is space.

Summer Drop-in Rates:
1.5 hour class: $20
1.25 hour class: $17.50
1 hour class: $15
45 minute class: $13
30 minute class: $11

Aerial class drop-in:  $22

Any class with fewer than 5 students enrolled is subject to cancellation. In the event a class is cancelled, all deposits will be returned.

Private Lessons available depending upon studio and instructor availability. $50/hour, $40 for 45 minutes, $30 per half hour.