Student Concert Info.

2018 Annual Student Dance Concerts, “Soul to Sole”, will take place at Noble High School on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24.

Performance Philosophy:
Performing is an important part of the dance experience and most students find it exciting to share this aspect of the art form with friends and family.  Being on stage with costumes, lights and a live audience magnifies the emotions and message we are expressing in our movement. The concert gives students the opportunity to share with pride all they have learned throughout the year.  Additionally, participating in this all-student concert gives young students the opportunity to observe advanced dancers performing other dance styles and come to understand more about what dance can be and can express. Click on links below for further information.  Links will be updated as the info for the current year’s performances is released.

2018 Tickets available at: Link to come!

Concert Info 2018 2017 Parent Info Packet #2 Tips for a Great Show 2018


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